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What Is A Millwright?

Just as Shipwright builds ships, a Steelwright works with steel, a Millwright builds and maintains the mills. A Millwright is a craftsman or tradesman engaged with the construction and maintenance of machinery.

Early Millwrights were specialist carpenters who erected machines used in agriculture, food processing and processing lumber and paper. In the early part of the Industrial Revolution, their skills were pressed into service building the earliest powered textile mills.

Modern Millwrights work with steel and other materials in addition to wood and must often combine the skills of several skilled trades in order to successfully fabricate industrial machinery or to assemble machines from pre-fabricated parts. The modern millwright must also be able to read blueprints and other schematics to aid him in the construction of complex systems. Millwrights are frequently unionized, although experienced Millwrights often set themselves up as independent contractors.

What We Do:

We are a family run maintenance engineering company with full capacity of fixing almost every type of equipment we come across having experience in both the mechanical and electrical sides of industry. We have many contracts set up with our customers through out different industries which gives us the knowledge we need to be able to maintain your equipment. We also design new systems ,anything from Antifreeze to Electrics, to suit your specific site needs including any advice you may require .

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If you think you could use a reliable industrial maintenance company to solve all your electrical and mechanical equipment problems and wish to get in contact with us please feel free to email our head office at:


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